Portfolio Management

At Goose Creek Financial, our focus is on constructing quality portfolios that are diversified in ways that mitigate risk. The asset allocation strategies we recommend are based on the thorough research our team performs on your behalf. We perform extensive due diligence and develop tactical actions based on this research. Finally, we seek to deliver optimal portfolio results at the lowest cost to you.

Step 1 Initial Screening

We work to find a well-thought-out combination of investment opportunities for your specific goals.

Step 2 Quantitative Analysis

We crunch the numbers and look at historical performance to define which investments may be appropriate for your retirement objectives.

Step 3 Qualitative Analysis

We narrow down the field of choices based on the asset manager’s team, investment philosophy, and strategy.

Step 4 Stress Tests

We consider important questions related to potential risk, concentration of positions, and how the portfolio choice compares to similar options.

Step 5 Ongoing Monitoring

We track and monitor portfolio performance, increase or decrease in risk levels, and changes in investment style or philosophy.

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